Best Desk Lamp: The Ultimate Buying Guide 2023

Best Desk Lamp For Working At Home 2023 The best table lamps have light that can be changed so they can be used for a variety of tasks, such as home office work, reading, and …

Best Desk Lamp The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Desk Lamp For Working At Home 2023

Best Desk Lamp: The Ultimate Buying Guide 2023 |

The best table lamps have light that can be changed so they can be used for a variety of tasks, such as home office work, reading, and studying. Even the best desk lamps of today can do more than just offer adequate lighting and set the mood.

However, it may take some research to figure out which of the numerous available styles is best for you. There is a lamp for every taste, from modern models that can charge wirelessly to ones that can be operated with a simple motion sensor.

If you’re into that sort of thing and want a desk lamp, you can get one that connects to your phone and lets you control the brightness in any way you like. Spend the extra money on a high-quality, long-lasting model if you intend to use it frequently. Some of the best desk lamps cost as little as $25, while others with more sophisticated features can cost as much as $500.

We’ve narrowed down the options to the best desk lamps for every workspace, personal preference, and budget.

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Check out these ten uses for a smart plug beyond just controlling your desk lamp’s brightness.

If you want the best-quality desk lamp, though, there are a few things you should think about first.

What's inside

Things to keep an eye out for when looking for desk lamp

You should be able to adjust the head of a good desk lamp so that you can focus the light where you need it. Some lamps have heads that can be turned or pivoted, while others have a flexible neck or telescopic arm to make them even more flexible. 

Some lamps have heads that can be turned or pivoted, while others have a flexible neck or telescopic arm to make them even more flexible. The light should be simple to change, whether you need a lot of technical options or just a basic light.

One additional uncommon yet welcome feature is app connectivity. The Dyson Lightcycle Morph, for instance, is a device that can communicate with your smartphone via the Dyson Link app. This way, you may select from a variety of pre-programmed options and turn your desk lamp on and off without getting up from your chair.

These days, a USB charging connector for your phone is a more typical addition to look for. There are even some that can be charged wirelessly. It may seem obvious, but the size of the desk lamp is something to think about as well; you don’t want it to be so large that it gets in the way of your job.

The lamp’s design and aesthetics are intertwined with its degree of adaptability. Lamps with moving parts look more industrial, while stationary lamps tend to care more about how they look than how well they work. 

Think about how a lamp’s design may complement or detract from your workspace, depending on your personal taste. Do you want a desk lamp that blends in with the decor or one that stands out as a decorative element?

Depending on the lamp, you can usually switch out the bulb for a different type of illumination (LED, incandescent, or compact fluorescent). (An LED bulb will live significantly longer and use significantly less energy than a standard incandescent bulb.) 

Best desk lamp list 2023

  • Ikea Forsa
  • BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp
  • OttLite LED Desk Lamp with Two Shades
  • Dyson’s Morph 3.0 Lightcycle
  • Lampadario portátil Govee Ambiente RGBWW
  • Ikea’s Hektar
  • Govee Smart Lamp
  • Modern Style Glass Lantern Desk Light with Contemporary Designs
  • 45-Inch Clamp-On Luxo LS Series Fluorescent Task Light

Ikea Forsa

best desk lamp - Ikea Forsa  |

The Swedish retail giant Ikea isn’t just a one-stop shop for furnishings; it also has a wide variety of products useful for setting up a home office or classroom. 

For example, its Forsa lamp (styled FORS) is very popular because it can be bought in different colors for less than $30.

The Forsa desk lamp from Ikea is modern in design, built of steel, and offers a long, flexible arm. You can also change the angle of its oblong shade to suit your needs. Ikea’s Forsa desk lamp is one of the few on the market that doesn’t require a separate LED bulb, and the company thoughtfully includes one with the purchase. 

Everything is ready to use straight out of the box; there is no assembly necessary.

BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp

BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp - best desk lamp |

Thanks to its adaptability, the BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp stands out as the finest option. Adjust the temperature of the tone to help you focus on work or reading. It was made with cutting-edge technology built in, so it can automatically adjust to the lighting in the room.

This lamp’s large LED head provides a wide beam of light, illuminating your whole work area. The head is attached to the stand with a ball-and-socket joint, and two other spots on the stand can be moved. This is a very flexible design. It comes in a variety of colors, perfect for matching your office decor. Our main gripe is that the bulky head might not fit well on a compact workstation.


Lepower METAL DESK LAMP - best desk lamp |

Lepower’s Metal Desk Lamp is the best lamp if you want to spend less than $30 on a stylish desk light. Its matte finish is a good mix of traditional and modern, so it works well with many different kinds of interior design. In addition, its movable head can be positioned to provide illumination from virtually any angle.

The LED is not included in this lamp; a standard light bulb is required. This allows you the freedom to choose a bulb whose temperature is just right for you or to upgrade to a smart bulb with customizable color and timer settings. LED bulbs with a wattage between 4 and 6 watts, CFLs with a wattage between 8 and 16 watts, and incandescents with a wattage between 20 and 40 watts are all acceptable alternatives.

OttLite LED Desk Lamp with Dual Shades

OttLite LED Desk Lamp with Dual Shades - best desk lamp |

There’s no need to buy a separate desk lamp when you can have two in one convenient package. The OttLite Dual-Shade LED Desk Lamp provides this functionality with its two adjustable shades and a single touch and temperature control panel. 

The OttLite Dual-Shade LED Desk Lamp can do this because it has two shades that can be moved and a single control panel that can be used to change the brightness and temperature. This way, you can spread light over two different workspaces, like a laptop and a stack of papers.

One of the best multitasking desk lamps, the OttLite Dual-Shade LED Desk Lamp costs about $40. It’s slim and light, which gives an otherwise smart and useful fixture a modern look. This is the best alternative (or lamp replacement) on this list if you often need more light spots on the desk if you just wish your current desk lamp covered a bigger area.

Dyson’s Morph 3.0 Lightcycle

Dyson's Morph 3.0 Lightcycle - best desk lamp |

The Morph Desk Lightcycle by Dyson Light is on the list because of its cutting-edge features and technological advancements. 

This lamp, when synced with your smart device, automatically changes its brightness to the current time of day, and it also allows for full control over the light’s color temperature and intensity via dials located directly below the fixture’s shade. 

Choose from Study, Relax, or Precision, or make your own with the Dyson Link App’s temperature and brightness controls, all through Bluetooth. The light has a motion sensor that, when activated, will turn it back on as soon as you return to your workstation. 

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph Desk Light’s only real limitations are its high price (especially in comparison to similar lamps) and the fact that it can only be connected via Bluetooth (rather than Wi-Fi). So, once you leave the house, you lose all control.

Lampadario portátil Govee Ambiente RGBWW

Lampadario portátil Govee Ambiente RGBWW - best desk lamp |

The Govee Home app on your smartphone grants controls over the portable table lamp’s 16 million color options. Even with the limited color palette, it may be operated with a single button on the base. 

The light may be synchronized with music, and there’s also a scenario option where you can select an atmosphere and have the light’s color and tempo mimic that situation, like a festival or a romantic candlelit dinner, or the excitement of watching fireworks.

It’s rechargeable and lightweight, and a fullcontrollasts for four hours of light, making it a good choice if you don’t have access to many power outlets at your workstation. 

Keep in mind that four hours can go by quickly, so you may need to keep it plugged in even when you’re not actively using it. It’s made of plastic, so even youngsters may use it without worrying about it breaking. It’s a quirky desk lamp that’ more powerful than it looks. Depending on your needs (and if you wish to use voice control), you can choose between two models, one with and one without Wi-Fi connectivity.

Ikea’s Hektar

Ikea's Hektar  - best desk lamp |

Every person who works from home hopes for one thing: less wire clutter on their desk, and a lamp with a built-in wireless charging station on its base can help make that a reality. The Ikea Hektar is one of many available wireless charging alternatives, and it may be the best. The Ikea Hektar desk lamp has a classic steel design that will last for years, and it can also charge your Qi-compatible phone while you work.

The Ikea Hektar, at a price of $65, is one of the costlier premium desk lamps available today. Furthermore, an E14 bulb is required. On the other hand, you’ll be investing in a high-quality lamp that serves multiple purposes beyond just providing ambient light on your desk.

Govee Smart Lamp

Govee Smart Lamp - best desk lamp |

Govee’s smart desk lamp stands out for being both functional and entertaining. Connecting via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as voice commands from Alexa and Google Assistant, it can be used with any modern smartphone. 

There are 16 million color options available in the app, so you can choose the perfect hue for any task, whether it’s reading or working. It can be timed to your music, enhancing your movie night, or creating a festive scene.

You can create your own unique lighting effect or atmosphere and store it for later use with the Creative DIY Mode. Kids will love it because of how easily it can be personalized. There are buttons on the lamp’s shade in case you’d rather not utilize the app.

Modern Style Glass Lantern Desk Light with Contemporary Designs

Simple Designs Lantern Glass Shade Desk Lamp - best desk lamp |

The best desk lamps have the appearance of high-tech gadgets rather than decorative pieces. The Simple Designs Lantern Glass Shade Desk Lamp, on the other hand, places emphasis on form with its translucent glass shade and hardware that evokes the look of an industrial lantern. 

There will be no concentrated source of light on your desk, as there would be with a traditional downward-facing LED bulb. However, the accent lighting it provides will be beautiful and useful in any environment.

There is no bulb included with this lamp, but it would look lovely with a filament bulb or an LED bulb in the form of an Edison bulb. Some smart light bulbs, such as Philips Hue lights, even come in a range of filament styles with adjustable brightness and color temperatures. The Simple Designs Lantern Glass Shade Desk Lamp has a shabby chic vibe throughout its design, but for $35, it’s almost as cheap as something you’d get at a secondhand shop.

45-Inch Clamp-On Luxo LS Series Fluorescent Task Light

45-Inch Clamp-On Luxo LS Series Fluorescent Task Light - best desk lamp |

Luxo task lamps look like machines because they have exposed springs and knobs. The L1 model may have been the inspiration for the Pixar logo. 

The shade and arms can be adjusted to suit your needs, the arms are supported by external springs for added adjustability. The edge clamp attachment included with this model makes it easy to set up on the edge of a table (as opposed to sitting on a base).

LED Clip-On Lights, 48-Candlepower, Perfect for Reading Desk Light with USB Port and Three Color Temperatures The Brightest 10

There are three different color modes, ranging from very yellow to white, and a wide range of brightness settings (from very dim to ultra bright). My only gripe is that the light switch is so close to the controller on the extension line. 

Since I have the light clipped off to the side, the controller needs to be either removable or located closer to the USB end. But that’s just how I’ve been putting it to use; other people won’t notice unless the light is strategically placed further away.

Desk Lamp Choice Recommendation

There are a few elements to keep in mind when looking for the finest desk light for you, including your budget and your needs. Let’s start with the most important question about your budget: How much money do you want to spend on? While some desk lamps may appear inexpensive at first glance, it is important to note that they do not include a light bulb.

That’s why it’s possible that the OttLite lamp will end up costing less. Also, if you have sensitive eyes, you might like the ones with LEDs built in because you can usually change the temperature of the LEDs.

But smart home gadgets like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit may work better with lamps that let you supply your own bulbs. Smart light bulbs can be installed in a table lamp, allowing you to automate its on/off behavior as part of your smart home routines or to command it hands-free using your preferred voice assistant.

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