Bissell 1986 vs 1964: What are the differences?

Bissell 1986 vs 1964: What are the differences you need to know before picking one of the best carpet cleaners for pet on the market? The upright carpet cleaners: Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro …

Bissell 1986 vs 1964: What are the differences |

Bissell 1986 vs 1964: What are the differences you need to know before picking one of the best carpet cleaners for pet on the market?

Bissell 1986 vs 1964: What are the differences |

The upright carpet cleaners: Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro model 1986 vs 1964 model differ in attachments, price range, and distribution outlets. Let’s compare Bissell’s 1964 vs 1986 carpet cleaners to weigh the pros and cons of them in this article.  

What's inside

Advantages of the Bissell Proheat 2x Pro Series

When cleaning a carpet in a busy household or including dogs, the Bissell ProHeat 2X Pro is your best bet. Both upright carpet cleaners (Bissell 1986 and 1964) have received the highest ratings from thousands of buyers. Both the Bissell 1986 and the Bissell 1964 upright carpet cleaners have gotten the highest ratings from tens of thousands of buyers.

Bissell 1986 vs 1964: What are the differences |

There Are Two Different Cleaning Modes Available

The fast setting is great for daily cleaning of spills, food stains, and fresh stains, as the drying period is less than 30 minutes.

When used regularly, the deep cleaning mode removes ground dirt, grime, and even pet hair from carpets.

Incredibly adaptable

it can be used equally well on rugs, carpets, or upholstery. The hose is extra long, and the attachments are well-made and effective at removing pet stains, urine, and the like.

Flexible cleaning

  • Since it is so slim, you may use it to get under a table or a bed without moving them.
  • Dual 12-row cleaning rollers and heatwave technology blast away grime and stains.

The Bissell Proheat 2x outperforms conventional upright carpet cleaners because to its superior cleaning rollers. A common model is the Bissell PowerLifter 1622, which has only room for six rows of cleaning rollers.

Built-to-last carpet cleaner

Compared to other brands, Bissell 1986 and 1964 offer an exceptionally extended warranty period of 5 years.

Key differences between Bissell 1986 vs 1964 

Bissell 1986 vs 1964: What are the differences |

We’d want to start off by saying that, within this price range, either of these carpet cleaners is a good option. Indeed, the vast majority of buyers won’t be let down by either of those options. There are, however, some important distinctions to bear in mind before making a final choice.

Distribution marketplaces

Availability is the first noticeable contrast between the two goods. The Bissell 1986 is available everywhere, but only Walmart sells the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro 1964. Amazon, eBay, Costco, etc., are some examples of retailers that may sell this edition.

Attachments of  Bissell 1986 vs 1964 

The tools available are the second distinction. The Bissell 1986 comes with both the 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool and the 3-in. tough stain tool, while the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro 1964 only has the 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool.

Despite their importance, many individuals overlook the attachments that come with their vacuum. We believe this is a bad idea because those implements can make a huge difference in the quality of this common task. However, we have to admit this time that the supplementary 2-in-1 Pet upholstery tool isn’t needed.

Time saved cleaning

The cleaner’s effectiveness is arguably the most crucial feature to look for in a new cleaning tool. Specifically, we’re interested in how well a product works to get rid of odors and stains that have been firmly ingrained in the carpet.

This is affected by a few things, one of the most significant of which is suction. The identical 6.8 Amp motor is used in both models, providing more than adequate power for regular cleaning needs.

The cleaning system is also important; in this case, it uses twin dirt lifter power brushes to get rid of the embedded dirt. In our tests, both vacuums were effective at eradicating dry stains of various types.

The “Cleanshot pretreat” is an indispensable addition. With this feature, you can use a concentrated amount of cleaner to clean a particularly dirty spot. You can then begin vacuuming the area as you normally would the carpet. In this regard, the two items are identical.

With a hose length of roughly 8 feet, both tools have a rather ordinary reach. Most people won’t need more than that, but those with particularly high ceilings may want to consider getting something longer.

Heatwave technology is also incorporated, which keeps the water warm during lengthy washing cycles. Two distinct cleaning options are available, “Max Clean” and “Express Clean,” respectively. 

In this pricing range, it’s impossible to beat the cleaning effectiveness of the Bissell products we’ve tested. Some tools are described differently than others, but we’ll get to that later.

It was difficult to pick a winner in this comparison due to the equality in cleaning performance between the two options. This feature has proven to be the most important in the majority of our reviews and comparisons.

Volume of Storage

The size of the carpet cleaner’s tank is also an important factor. No one enjoys having to stop every few minutes to replenish the vacuum. In contrast to spot cleaners, the more water a tank can hold, the better it is.

However, the option is murky this time around as well. Each vacuum has a 1-gallon capacity tank, the same as the other. Its size is about par for the course, so you can expect to fill the tank a few times during a typical, full-house cleaning.


When picking out a new cleaning tool, it’s also crucial to consider the design. You should always prioritize a lightweight, low-profile, and easily maneuverable design. You shouldn’t have to look any further for a regular carpet cleaner than this duo.

Those three benefits are included in both offerings, which is great news. Therefore, you won’t have to waste time squeezing under or around cumbersome pieces of furniture. Those containers are low enough that they may be tucked away under a lot of different types of furniture.

Thanks to their lightweight construction, most users should have no trouble carrying those cleaners up or down the stairs. They’re nearly identical, save for a slight variation in the colors employed in each model.

Both units include hoses, tools, nozzles, and brush covers that can be removed, which is a huge plus. Because of this, upkeep may be performed with much less effort and in less time. It is significantly simpler to rinse individual parts or clean the main brush roll than it is with competing devices.

For anyone interested, here are the exact Bissell 1986 and 1964 dimensions: 14.00 x 18.00 x 45.00 in. They’re both fairly light for upright vacuum cleaners, weighing roughly 18 pounds. To accommodate the needs of the vast majority of its customers, the cleaning path is 11 inches in width.


When deciding on a new cleaning tool, it’s also important to consider the cost. In today’s comparison, both units are similarly priced. Even though the final price may be a little different from one listing to the next or from one store to the next, it usually stays around the same level.

On Amazon, you can purchase the Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro 1986 for $279.99. At this price, you get the original bundle and the standard option. However, if you purchase an extra bottle of the cleaning solution, you’ll have the flexibility to go in a different direction if you so desire.

On Walmart’s website, the Bissell 1964 may be purchased for $269.00, slightly less than the price of the 1986 model. This is likely because there isn’t a reliable 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery tool.


In conclusion, these carpet cleaners offer excellent value for the money, and buyers can’t go wrong with any option. There are a few notable distinctions to bear in mind before making a final choice.

The Bissell 1986 is more generally available, whereas the Bissell 1964 can only be found at Walmart, and there are also some differences in the accessories that come with each 

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