How To Close An Ironing Board in various ways

When you don’t know the proper technique, folding an ironing board may be a significant hassle, regardless of whether it’s freestanding, small, or built-in. Putting it away is a breeze when you know how to …

How To Close An Ironing Board |
How To Close An Ironing Board |

When you don’t know the proper technique, folding an ironing board may be a significant hassle, regardless of whether it’s freestanding, small, or built-in. Putting it away is a breeze when you know how to operate the levers, height adjustments, and leg mounts on your ironing board. When folded and stored correctly, an ironing board takes up very little room and stays out of sight until needed. Read this article from Spotless Choice to know How To Close An Ironing Board in many designs.

What's inside

How To Close A Freestanding Ironing Board: Ironing Board Folding Technique

How To Close An Ironing Board |

The ironing board’s lever press can be found on its underside. Position the lever and press it close to the nose of the board. The lever press is a simple device, like a straight metal bar that protrudes ever-so-slightly from the tabletop. The lever can be forced inward thanks to this lift. You may need to stoop down and look at it.

It’s also possible to have the lever be a short post that needs to be pressed in.

The L-shape is also typical of most levers.

Some boards may require you to press two levers at once. To open and close your board, you must press one.

Keep your hand on the lever and your fingers on the board as you press down. All that is required to complete the task with the ironing board upright is one hand on the press and the other hand on the opposite side of the ironing board. Holding the ironing board in place, squat down carefully as you press down on the lever press.

Hold the board steady when you push the lever button. Otherwise, the board could come crashing down on your fingers.

Before releasing the lever, ensure the board is on the floor so the leg locks may be fastened. After the board has been lowered to the ground, it should be lifted. Put the board so that the nose is pointing upwards. After folding the legs, place them into the leg locks.

This method ensures the ironing board stays closed while being transported or stored.

Lay the ironing board on its back on the floor if it is a freestanding model. It puts the board in a more convenient position for shutting.

Here, towards the nose of the board, is where you’ll find the adjustment lever that will allow you to raise or lower the leg anchors. With one hand on the lever, pull the legs up onto the board using the other.

Make sure your ironing board is closed and perpendicular to the ground. Keep your ironing board’s legs extended and the board itself perpendicular to the ground. 

How To Close A built-in Ironing Board

How To Close An Ironing Board |

Raise the panel to see how it folds down against the wall. One direction will give as more weight is applied to the nose end or the board’s sides. The built-in ironing board should be pushed into the wall in the direction it yields when applying pressure.

Fasten the board to the mounting on the wall. When fully retracted, the ironing board on some built-in models automatically locks into place. Some boards have a built-in locking mechanism that must be used to keep the board in place.

Put away your ironing board in the closed cabinet. When the cabinet door is closed, the ironing board will be safely stored out of the way until you need it again.

If the cabinet is opened, the ironing board may fall out of the locking mechanism. Therefore use caution.

How To Close An Ironing Board: Compact Ironing Board Closing 

How To Close An Ironing Board |

Your ironing will go more smoothly if you invert your small ironing board. It’s best to fold the board so that the feet face up. Try this out on something solid and level.

Try to locate the knob for making modifications. The ironing board’s snout end is the ideal location for the lever, as this is where the board’s legs attach to the surface. A hand should be holding the legs while the other is ready to apply pressure to the lever. While carefully pressing down on the lever, direct the legs toward the board.

Before stowing your portable ironing board, check to ensure the legs are locked. The legs will not open and hurt you in any way if you do this.

Put away the tiny ironing board with its legs permanently attached. Make sure the compact ironing board with fixed legs is completely cool before putting it away. These ironing boards are so space-efficient that folding is unnecessary.

How To Close An Ironing Board: Folding an ironing pad

How To Close An Ironing Board |

You may attach one side of the pad to the other by bending it over. Cloth pads, often magnetic, are used to press clothes. They can be folded quickly and easily and then hung over a clothes dryer or counter to be ironed.

Magnets are included on some ironing pads to be used over clothes dryers.

Make a cylinder with your ironing pad by rolling it up. Get started rolling the pad up from one end and work your way to the other. Roll and tuck as you go along with this procedure. You can free up even more room with this. 

Put away your ironing pad by folding or rolling it up. Keep track of how long your pad lasts so you know when to replace it.

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