Teema Towel Reviews in 2023

Teema Towel Reviews – The Number One Online Shop For All Things Turkish Towels Many of us look forward to summer all year in anticipation of bare feet in the sand, a Some of these …

Teema Towel Reviews | https://spotlesschoice.com/
Teema Towel Reviews | https://spotlesschoice.com/

Teema Towel Reviews – The Number One Online Shop For All Things Turkish Towels

Many of us look forward to summer all year in anticipation of bare feet in the sand, a Some of these qualities are that they are light, feel soft, dry quickly, and can soak up water without taking up as much space as heavier towels. new swimsuit, and a day of sunbathing on an incredible float, but the logistics of getting to the beach can be a bummer.

For most of us, a beach trip always needs the following items: a beach umbrella, a portable speaker to play music, a cooler full of beverages, some comfortable chairs, lots of sunscreen, and towels to lay on.

Investing in a few compact choices is one strategy for streamlining that selection. Things like beach towels are cumbersome and take up a lot of space in your bag when traveling. Try a luxurious Turkish towel instead.

Turkish towels, also called Fouta, Hammam, and Peshtemal towels, have become more popular because of all the good things they can do. Among many brands, Teema Towels is a popular name for high-quality Turkish towels and blankets.

Those who need to become more familiar with the company may wonder about the reliability and usefulness of their wares. Find out everything you need to know about Teema Towels in our in-depth review below.

What's inside

What are Teema towels? 

It is claimed on the Teema Towels website that the company was “The Number One Online Shop For All Things Turkish Towels” when it first opened for business in 2017.

The brand’s namesake family discovered the luxuriousness of Turkish towels while vacationing in Cambodia and decided to make their version of the industry standard.

They went to see famous and not-so-famous weavers to learn about the history and process of making these unique towels. These weavers are now part of the production team for Teema Towels.

This company takes great pride in producing only the finest goods. Many of their weavers use looms passed down through generations in their homes.

Turkish towels are different from other bath towels because they are flat-woven from Turkish cotton. Despite their bulk, they are pretty light and easy to transport.

These are thin enough to dry quickly while still being absorbent. The fact that Turkish towels last a long time is another selling point. You can expect them to last a lot longer than regular bath towels.

This company makes a wide range of towels in many different colors and styles. The labyrinth pattern, one of their most popular designs, comes in many colors, such as navy, tan, sky, lilac, and lime. Multiple threads of varying shades are utilized to form the intricate labyrinth pattern.

Teema towels benefits

Weighing in around 12 ounces, their dimensions are 38″ x 70″. They are thick and plush since they are woven on an antique jacquard loom. The towels in this set have also been praised for how well they can be used differently.

Due to its large size can serve as either a towel or a blanket, depending on the situation. This is perfect for when you go to the beach and want a soft place to relax.

Teema Towel Reviews | https://spotlesschoice.com/

The Navy Simple pattern is also popular. As it weighs only 10 ounces and measures 38 by 68 inches, this Labyrinth collection item is much more manageable than its larger and heavier counterparts. Due to its reduced thickness, it dries quickly after application.

Its timeless style makes it a good fit for various bathroom decors, but you can also use it as a blanket or towel on the beach if you like.

The Teema brand offers several other hues besides navy if that’s not your preferred choice. Stone, yellow, blue, pink, and maroon is all included in this category.

Teema Towel Reviews | https://spotlesschoice.com/

The Diamante model is also regarded as one of Teema Towel’s top sellers. Like the last towel, this one is available in multiple hues, so you can pick the one that best suits your taste. Black, maroon, blue, aqua, and tan are just a few of the colors in this group.

As you move closer to the towel’s hem, you’ll notice that the pattern becomes more muted. It’s the same size and weight as the other towels in the Labyrinth line, meaning it’s plush and absorbent without causing discomfort.

Teema Towel Reviews | https://spotlesschoice.com/

If you want a stylish towel with a unique pattern, the Tribal collection is a good choice. The tribal towel is unique among Teema’s offerings because it is reversible, and the colors are reversed on each side.

A grey towel, for instance, is reversible, with one side featuring a white background and a grey pattern and the other featuring a white background and a grey pattern. Therefore, it stands out among the rest as something exceptional. This is a well-liked selection because it can be used anywhere—at home, at the beach, at a concert, or even while backpacking.

Towels of that size are slightly larger than we’ve been discussing, so this one is just 35″ x 67″. It weighs about 11 ounces, which is light. This makes for a portable, compact, and lightweight towel. Several colors include grey, pink, stone, and yellow.

Teema Towel Reviews | https://spotlesschoice.com/

The waffle collection, Moroccan towels, and tie-dye are also quite well-liked. Other popular choices are the noble print, layered design, waffle collection, and waffle design.

Regarding towels, we appreciate the benefits that Teema brand towels provide.

These towels are visually appealing since, as we’ve seen, they come in many different colors and designs. The majority of them are likewise frilled at the top. You can find a towel that suits your taste thanks to the variety of colors and designs available.

Teema towels reviews from buyers

Teema towels reviews from buyers - https://spotlesschoice.com/

Several satisfied buyers have praised the adaptability of these towels. Although some people may only use them in the bathroom, these towels are perfect for the beach, a picnic, or a festival. In addition, a few of the towels are generously sized enough to serve as blankets or wraps in chilly weather.

A nice feature of these towels is their low weight, which is perfect for individuals who intend to use them as beach towels. It’s because they won’t take up much room and won’t weigh you down.

Since these towels are lightweight and relatively thin, they will take up less space while not in use.

Comfort is a significant factor when deciding on the best towel. After getting out of the shower or swimming, the last thing you want to do is wrap up in a rough towel. Many buyers have noted that the plush feel of these towels makes them a joy to use.

Teema towels discount code

Teema Towels’ website is frequently updated with sales and discounts. They are now running a special where if you buy three towels, you will receive the fourth one free.

You can get free shipping within the United States if your order totals $75 or more. These deals are only available for a short time, so act fast.

Teema Towels is quite expensive

Towels typically cost over $30 at retail. Towels for the bathroom and the beach may be purchased for much less, so they might not be the best choice for individuals on a tight budget.

As mentioned, they periodically run specials, so it’s in your best interest to keep an eye out for the deals that will benefit you the most.

Several reviewers said that these towels could have absorbed water better. This may or may not be a big deal, depending on how you plan to use your towel (e.g., as a blanket or a wrap).

Consistency – some buyers need help receiving their purchases. Contact the company if you ever run into similar issues.

Teema offers more than towels

Teema Towel Reviews | https://spotlesschoice.com/

Already mentioned is the fact that this company also produces blankets. Even though they’re more expensive than towels, you’ll get a lot more use out of one. The blankets come in various colors and patterns, similar to the towels, but with a softer palette and less pronounced designs.

As with the rest of the company’s products, the blankets are made from Turkish cotton, which is very good at absorbing water.

The blankets are also so versatile that you can use them anywhere, from the couch to the beach.


There’s a lot of praiseworthy information regarding Teema towels. They feature a wide variety of blankets and a seemingly limitless supply of towels. Pattern and color options are available to meet the needs of a wide range of consumers.

Though they sell for a hefty sum, some consumers may justify the purchase by the exceptional quality of the item they acquire.


Where do you get a teema towel?

Each of our towels is woven by hand in a remote mountain hamlet in western Turkey by families who have been doing so for generations. A number of these weavers still use looms that were first used by their families fifty or more years ago.

Teema towel washing instructions

Don’t be afraid to spin your Teema in the washing machine; Turkish cotton gets softer with each wash. You can certainly be washed if necessary. Wash your Teema in either cold or warm water on a regular or gentle cycle.

Since every fiber in a Teema is natural, the garment will shrink if dried in a hot dryer. Drying something on low heat or in a tumble dryer is the best option. Teema towels can be hung to dry much faster than terry cloth ones.

Where to buy teema towels?

You can buy teema towels in many marketplaces, such as: Amazon, Teema website (teema.co), Faire.com, and so on.

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